SOACP Certification Tracks

Several SOACP exams provide credit for more than one certification. Use the grid below to map exam requirements to certifications. When you log into your AITCP account, you will see this grid display the exams and certifications you've already completed. These views can help you plan your certification paths and discover how exams you've passed may already be giving you credit toward additional certifications.

Certified SOA Java Developer *Certified SOA .NET Developer *Certified SOA Governance SpecialistCertified SOA Security SpecialistCertified SOA Quality Assurance Specialist *
S90.01: Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computingxxxxxxxx
S90.02: SOA Technology Conceptsxxxxx
S90.03: SOA Design & Architecturexxxxxxxx
S90.04: SOA Project Delivery & Methodologyxxx
S90.05: SOA Technology Labxxx
S90.06: Advanced SOA Analysis & Modelingx
S90.07: SOA Analysis & Modeling Labx
S90.08: Advanced SOA Design & Architecturex
S90.09: SOA Design & Architecture Labx
S90.10: Advanced Web-Based Service Technologyxx
S90.11: Service Development with Javax
S90.12: Service Development Lab with Javax
S90.13: Service Development with .NET & Windows Azure x
S90.14: Service Development Lab with .NET & Windows Azure x
S90.15: Fundamental SOA Governancex
S90.16: Advanced SOA Governancex
S90.17: SOA Governance Labx
S90.18: Fundamental SOA Securityx
S90.19: Advanced SOA Securityx
S90.20: SOA Security Labx
S90.21: Fundamental SOA Quality Assurancex
S90.22: Advanced SOA Quality Assurancex
S90.23: SOA Quality Assurance Labx

* Note that requirements for some certifications are still under review and subject to change.